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Feb 5, 2019

I Hope y'all are ready to UNPACK with this episode! The femmes from A Seat at Our Table, Sat with masks on to dissect the much needed retreat we went on.

In this episode, we tackle:

Our reflection when your friends are your mirrors. 

The importance of communication

The importance of your chosen family over our lives and much more!

This episode is short but strong one and we all hope that this resonates with you, our audience.


Places to find the femmes:

Our Art collective: @aseatatourtable4

Summer Moon Freeman: @ohboibk

Guetty Antiste: @stills_by_guetty_antiste Business page:@antiste_eatery

Ashley Blount: @soulfulrebirth Business page @nefertitirosa

Honorary Member: Chef Angeline @g_stills_stalker